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On June 9, 1989, just after midnight, I made a covenant with life force to absorb and then give a message to the leadership of humanity. That message and the last one, as I received them, are printed at the end of this book.

During the past eighteen years I have received many other messages, usually in response to deep seeking. I have been inspired many times as a result of these messages.

A Message for Creating a Civilization of Life is a distillation of the messages I have absorbed and the inspirations I have had.

I have shared some of the messages with a few people since 1989. Now I am fulfilling the covenant by disseminating all the messages and my understanding of them in this book, for the benefit of humanity.

I hope that all who receive and read this book will make a commitment to spread these messages to others, in order to benefit life on earth and beyond.



From the darkness of entropy and agitation emerges the spiritual light of organizational life force, aiming for fusion by leaps and bounds.


Humans, in order to survive their advance in material and scientific development, and its potential for threatening life and its survival on earth, will need to rise to a higher level of life consciousness (the awareness of one’s existence, sensations, thoughts, values, surroundings and worldview). The vision of this transcendence to create a “civilization of life” for human transformation begins with a belief in the sacredness of life.

Life is Life’s Message!

This vision will create a new image of transcendence for humanity – a new balance between the invisible spiritual life and the visible material life. Humanity needs to create a new balance in its life which lifts humans away from the fear for survival, from the fear of scarcity and from envy, towards an image that attracts humans to seek higher life consciousness through the values of fusion (coming together to connect, interact, bond, synthesize, fuse and unite into a whole) and freedom (the power to exercise choice between alternatives and make decisions within the limits of the values and principles of life).

The new image of life force represents sacred, universal life, fusing, free, creating, ever expanding in diversity – interconnected and interactive, evolving into a Being, embedded with the energy and power of its values and principles. It will enhance the human energies of creativity and nurturing, expanding connectivity, empathy, endurance, abundance and delicacy while integrating the most life-enhancing aspects of the old life-force image, as represented by the theistic god. These are human courage, forthrightness, strength and swiftness, which encouraged the expansion of exploration and inquiry and flowered into rationalism, science and technology.

The energy of this new vision of transcendence will be embedded in its materialization; it will become the spirit of its material. The coming fusion to transcendence between the best life-enhancing parts of the old image of life force and the new life-force image will create the energy and characteristics necessary to create a new civilization of life. Hence, humanity’s consciousness will expand to a higher level, resulting in a state of dynamic balance in abundance, spiritual and material well-being and wealth, and greater happiness.

Humanity has now reached a critical point in its young history, when the balance between material and spiritual values needs to be realigned, so that spiritual values will make a larger contribution to human life, transformation and wealth while still encouraging the expansion of material development and wealth to continue. This transformation to an improved quality of life requires the freeing of humanity from the cultural imprisonment of its vices and the integration of the values, principles and guidelines of the civilization of life into its everyday life.

A Patriarchal Image of Life Force and Scientific Inquiry

Between two and three millennia ago, many great religions, particularly the theistic ones that consider their members to be the children of Abraham, were established in different parts of the world. They promoted inner virtue and spiritual wealth as cornerstones of human development. They also created their own mythology, allegories and cosmology, with their idea of a supreme Being, or life force, generally personified in a patriarchal figure. These religions tried to achieve stronger connectedness and unity with their created life-force image, with all its varied implications for human development and salvation.

A principal element of these religions’ mythology is the allegory of human banishment from the Garden of Eden, when man succumbed to the vice of temptation and ate an apple, the fruit of the forbidden tree of knowledge. Humanity is given a promise of return to abundance and spiritual fulfilment in Paradise if humans lead a virtuous life. The pursuit of knowledge, a gift by the feminine (Eve) to the masculine (Adam) in humanity, caused the downfall of humanity from the Garden of Eden, which resulted in the estrangement and partial disconnect between the masculine and the feminine in humanity. Thus, humanity fell from a state of happiness, abundance and spiritual fulfilment.

A major fruit of the pursuit of knowledge and the personification of a supreme Being as a patriarch was rationalism and the scientific revolution. As science began its ascendancy, because of its vast success in explaining many aspects of the origins and make up of the universe, life and humanity, there was a gradual decline in the influence of religious teachings, which began to be discredited or disproved by science. Furthermore, faith in most organized religious teachings – including those pertaining to human development – among the growing number of educated people in the world began to decline. The corruption, bureaucracy, internal divisiveness and hypocrisy that resulted from, and accompanied, the expansion of these religions, compounded the decline. Hence, religious faith and inquiry were superseded by faith in rational and empirical inquiry and tenets of science, with their emphasis on the material aspects of life.

Not that science had – or has – the final answer to all the cosmological or material mysteries of our time. Scientific explanations have evolved to higher levels of complexity, but a number of their assumptions have been, and are, based on the value beliefs of their proponents. Furthermore, the scientific community has, at least for a brief time, ridiculed in disbelief and shunned many of the most fundamental discoveries of life and the cosmos by their fellow scientists. To know comprehensively is to understand through all dimensions of knowing: from all the senses, the mind and the spirit. Hence, the present scientific reliance on understanding the universe and life through the limiting proof of empirical inquiry, no matter how successful, has ensured an unbalanced view of life in the living universe.

For all humans know about the cosmology of the material universe, science claims that about 95 per cent or so of our living universe is filled with “dark” or invisible matter and energy about which humans know very little. Could it be that “nothingness” is the infinite ocean of potential which percolates to the vast quantum sea and unto the visible world of light? Could it be that the “dark” invisible energy is the ocean of potential, where all is possible, from which all becomes actualized, and where all may return to immortal memory in the universal loop? Could it be an inexhaustible source of expansion of life in its many dimensions unfolding and evolving to a universal life force?

Science was, and is, perceived by many today as the most reliable illuminator of, and provider for, human development. As science fundamentally does not concern itself with religious-spiritual development, its focus is, by necessity, narrowed to the field of material exploration, which has led to the ascendancy of material development and its concomitant values in human rather than spiritual values. Hence, with regard to the material and economic development of humans, science took a leading role in creating and delivering material wealth, which benefited some people of the world while it marginally reduced poverty for many others.

Scarcity and the Fear for Survival

Material-economic development based on the value of scarce resources and their allocation has been the guiding economic principle of humanity for most of its recorded history. The allocation of resources has also been, and still is, one of the major sources of lethal conflict in human history. Science and technology, through the expansion of information, knowledge and innovation, have made significant contributions to increasing the well-being of humans in practically all material fields. The expansion of the production of goods and services has brought humanity to a point where it has met many of the challenges of material scarcity, population growth and rising expectations. However, the inordinate focus on material development based on scarcity has tipped the balance against spiritual growth and fulfilment.

Humanity needs to create, and focus on, a vision of useful abundance in material development, guided and balanced by deep spiritual-moral wisdom and based on an understanding of the laws and values of the life force in the living universe. Today, humanity has a historic opportunity and a moral imperative to create an environment where greater happiness and fulfilment for the individual, through realizing her or his potential, can be realized and sustained in the twenty-first century and beyond. The creation of this environment will be aided by the rapid expansion of information, knowledge and human creativity, resulting in life-enhancing innovations. The way to realize this potential and vision is to see and understand life through the primary values of fusion, in all its forms (which is the basis of creativity, diversity, connectivity, interdependence, complexity, abundance and the expansion of life), and freedom for all its complexity. This is an organizing principle, allowing choice between alternatives, a channel of creativity, and a force of life and the universe. It will guide humans to ascend the spiral of life consciousness to become higher spiritual beings. Degradation of life, in all its forms, must be avoided!

As humanity – aided by the rapid advance of science and technology – is becoming more aware of the interconnectedness of the world and all its life forms, many of the imbalances and shortcomings of human development, traced to the strong emphasis on material wealth and economic development at the expense of spiritual well-being, are becoming glaringly apparent. Since the birth of modern humanity, one of the most, if not the most, important factor driving humanity along the path of economic development and wealth is real anxiety about, and fear for, survival.

Today, the fear for survival manifests itself in two basic forms. The first is the fear for survival of life based on the scarcity of material resources; the second is the fear of weapons of mass destruction – the dark fruit of science and technology that can degrade and destroy most, if not all, complex life on earth. The second fear creates a perpetual, unconscious anxiety and sense of alienation in humans. The first locks humanity’s survival strategy into accumulation and avarice, thereby creating a self-perpetuating cycle and culture of valuing scarce resources more than abundant ones.

The possibility that a doomsday war will be fought with life-threatening weapons over scarce resources increases the fear for survival in humanity. Untold numbers of humans have lost their lives in wars over resources and their allocation, and this continues today. The culture of scarcity, avarice and fear promotes and maintains this path of material development. Economics has been described by many as the allocation of scarce resources rather than the creation of abundance for humanity. Yet today, with the rapid expansion of information and knowledge in all fields, the creation of life-enhancing material abundance for humans, including the replacement of scarce material resources, is within reach.

A striking example of the scarcity culture is the diamond. It is scarce, or at least it is regulated to be scarce. It has no significant value in terms of human development, material or spiritual. Yet its price value is stratospheric. Technology can create precious stones that look almost, if not totally, identical to the mined version, and they can be produced in abundance and quite inexpensively. However, the high value of the mined version has not been depressed. Due to the scarcity culture, most humans still cling to the mined version at exorbitantly high prices, even though its scarcity is artificially maintained. The fact that many diamonds are mined and sold at the cost of countless innocent lives does not seem to affect their scarcity value by much. The creation of cartels and monopolies for resources and goods, to create or maintain scarcity and artificially high prices, is a good example of the perpetuation of the scarcity culture, which reinforces avarice and humanity’s fear for survival.

Another example is the protection of the inefficient and high-cost production of goods through various forms of subsidies and tariffs, usually by special interests that manipulate free markets and regulatory mechanisms. The results are restrictions to, and/or suffocation of, innovation, and higher cost.

Science and technology have made many advances in increasing the supply of grain and other food resources, such as the green revolution, creating abundance cheaply. However, for such advances to reduce the fear for survival for many, they must be accomplished by technologies that support ecologically sustainable development in an environment where the cultural and economic values and rules of societies allow and encourage access to food-producing resources by the poor. Similarly, science and technology can help people overcome the fear of material scarcity in many other resources, including energy. This fear has been pronounced and abetted on numerous occasions by economic and cultural power structures and governance that diminish freedom through fear for survival. Humanity need not give in to the fear of material scarcity. The technologies needed to overcome material scarcity can and should be ecologically sustainable and help alleviate the fundamental fear for the survival of humanity. Fear for survival and of the unknown, if not approached with an understanding of the universal values of life, limit human freedom and transcendence.

In a similar vein, from a global human perspective, the culture of scarcity highlights the minutest physical or spiritual differences in people, rather than the overwhelming commonality of humans – human DNA is 99.9 per cent the same throughout the global community – and assigns some of them a higher value and superiority. This has been a common way for humans to objectify, degrade and destroy one another. Typically, the purpose of this has been to impose and expand the power of one over the other with such attitudes as mine is “holier,” “stronger,” “bigger and better” or, conversely, “smaller and more beautiful,” or of “us versus them.” This propensity of humans to highlight minute differences between themselves – usually explained by climate and geography – in religion, culture, ideology, nationality, gender, race and other human attributes, to the advantage of one group over another, creating a sense of superiority, has led to lethal conflicts. It has diminished the expansion of freedom, diversity and fusion while it has increased intolerance, fear and envy, thereby creating the greatest suffering for the human race.

The culture of scarcity exacerbates, and in many ways promotes and reinforces, certain vices and tendencies in human development that help it thrive, all the while creating alienation, agitation and anger amongst the vast majority of people. It imprisons humans in their vices, and limits their freedom to grow and create a civilization of life.

Objectification, Avarice and Envy

Some of the major vices in humans and their interrelationships grow out of the objectification of humans and life. The perception of humans and life on earth as objects, economic units and a resource like all other material resources has led to the degradation of life in general, and in particular, of human life and its spiritual aspirations. Science, with its concentration on the limited physical senses and therefore the material, has abetted and strengthened this outlook.

The objectification of humans has also distorted our thinking about economic development, as it stops us appreciating that free people, living within the just rule of law, best expand economic development. Thus, by objectifying humans as economic units and resources, and thereby not releasing the full force and energy of human creativity and initiative in material development, humanity has impeded its material-economic development and innovation. The objectification of humans has also led to disconnections between people, resulting in unusual cruelty and degradation of one by the other in all forms of slavery and conflict, further reducing spiritual growth, development and well-being. Avarice and envy have served as means for objectifying others, thus allowing the full unleashing of the blind hatred and anger of one human against the other.

With their strong emphasis on the culture of scarcity, material wealth, development and accumulation, and supporting values and habits, the engines of economic development accentuate human cultural tendencies towards avarice and envy. The culture of scarcity creates the human momentum towards avarice, an inordinate and insatiable greed for accumulation of material wealth, to the exclusion of most other values and considerations, which leads directly to corruption in all its varied forms, including theft. Corruption has allowed the accumulation of great material wealth by a small minority of people, to the detriment of their own spiritual growth and at great cost to the majority of their fellow humans. Corruption, springing from avarice and fear for survival, and not recognizing any national or other human boundaries, is a strong corrosive force. Unless corruption is vigorously checked, it will spread rapidly across all frontiers like a virulent infection. It will degrade and undermine life, spiritual and economic development, trust among people, and the development of free and democratic societies, thereby increasing poverty, anger and envy.

The great potential of humanity, because of its diversity as a source and wellspring of creation through connection, bonding and other forms of fusion, has been subverted by envy, imprisoning humanity into cycles of fear, degradation and lethal conflict. Due to the ascendancy of material wealth values, alienation, corruption, envy and anger are aroused in humans when economic development fails to create educational and economic opportunities for all, when the ascendancy of an individual or group is perceived to be facilitated by corruption, and/or simply by race, religion, nationality or gender.

Many ideologies have been created by humans, who have manipulated envy (a feeling of discontent or covetousness with regard to another’s advantages, success, possessions or gains) as a tool to create resentment, blind hatred and anger at the economic or social achievement and the ascendancy of one person or group over another, in order to attain and maintain their unwise use and control of power, by objectifying and degrading or destroying their perceived competitors. Furthermore, the leaders of these ideologies, while believing they are creating social utopias, have used fear to control their objectified followers, believers and enemies, and have thus undermined freedom, creativity, diversity and fusion, and thus the long-term cohesion of their communities.

The culture of scarcity and its vices, integrated in material development, which is sustained by a perception of the value of scarcity over abundance and underpinned by a fear for survival, has diminished the value of spiritual development and wealth, thereby decreasing human freedom, fulfilment and well-being. It has been, and still is, a major roadblock to the gates of the civilization of life.

Life, Fusion and Freedom

The vast potential of human life, spiritual and material, will best be realized once human values have been synchronized to flow with the organizing forces and values of life: fusion and freedom. Fusion and freedom, bounded by their chemical, physical, biological and spiritual laws, are eternal organizing forces, reflecting the principles and values of our universe and the emergent life within it. The process of fusion and freedom opens the doors to creativity and diversity. The guiding principle in this process is to maintain dynamic equilibrium between chaos and order, so that universal life may emerge, expand and evolve unto a higher Being.

Fusion, in its many dimensions – connectivity, bonding, synthesis and unity – is a source of creativity, diversity and expansion of life. Fusion is the strong, expansionary force that bonds to create. Freedom is the channel of creativity and the organizer of expanding life. Freedom is an evolutionary force and guide, allowing choice between alternatives created by fusion. In humans, fusion and freedom, bounded by the force of their form and inspired by imagination, illuminated and integrated by the force of faith, will create the path to spiritual development and wealth, and lead humanity to the gates of the civilization of life and beyond.

The values and principles that are adopted and acted upon by humans guide their development and transformation. The principles and values of fusion and freedom lead to connectivity, creativity, diversity, complexity and abundance of life, and ultimately to universal life’s transcendence into Being. However, the forces of entropy and fear leading to contraction and consolidation, temper the human quest for transcendence and abundance, as they did in the twentieth century. In understanding and remembering the values, principles and forces of life, how do humans approach the goal of enhancing spiritual development and well-being while continuing to create greater material wealth for all?

The Values and Principles of Life

In order to create higher consciousness and enhance spiritual development towards the civilization of life, humans need to:

Let life’s values, principles and guidelines be the anchor for the wave and spiral of transcendence – an anchor moored in the flow of life, which sprang from the ocean of potential where all come from, and all may return to, in the universal loop.

The fundamental principles, values and guidelines for understanding and achieving humanity’s vision of spiritual development and transcendence, which will also create greater material wealth and abundance, are the following:

  1. Life is sacred
  2. Fusion attracts elements to create and expand life
  3. Freedom is self-determination and organization within the values of life
  4. Life’s spirit is imagination and creation
  5. Life is diversity
  6. Life is expanding, interconnected and interactive
  7. Life’s development needs to be sustainable
  8. Faith is an essential route to life’s development
  9. In life, spiritual wealth matters more than material wealth

  1. Life is sacred

    All messengers and visionaries in human history have espoused life and its sanctity. Life, in all its forms, is open, travels through the arrow of time, and is connected to each and all of its parts: all life in the universe is interconnected. Life is the fruit of the universe’s evolution. Life is potent and tenacious, yet delicate and fragile. We need to revere life but also to understand that life consumes life in order to survive, and expands by cooperating and competing. All life, within our world and the cosmos, is interconnected, interactive, fusing and expanding in freedom. It is this connectedness, and the loop it forms, that gives meaning to life and constitutes its memory in the wrinkle of time.

    All began with the Inactive Nothingness creating Potential Active Nothingness and releasing potential energy. The two spiralling, connecting and fusing to become part of one point, from which the universe sprang. Then swiftly replicating, expanding to the one-dimensional, invisible vibrating line – then looping – which created and retained information, memory and gravity. Thus, the pulse of universal life, waves – the language of the living universe and cycles of time – were created and, ultimately, became the loop and pulse of life force. All is in the loop and the loop is in all.

    Life seeks to preserve and expand itself. Thus, to defend itself against harm and survive is its first value. To expand itself, it seeks to replicate and pursue its values and principles: to create and organize life clusters that emanate and share its values and laws. Humanity, at the apex of life consciousness on earth, has the inalienable responsibility for creating its civilization of life, to preserve and sustain life and to share and expand life values amongst life on earth.

    Life force is the power and energy of self-organizing and expanding universal life and its values. All who try to use the force and power of life without integrating its values, guidelines and principles will degrade themselves, humanity and life. All who sail against the flow of life force in excessive ways will degrade, as the bias of the universe is towards life. All who live life in harmony with the values and principles of life force will advance the expansion of life consciousness.

    Humans, as living beings, reflect the living universe; its laws, principles and values – from undifferentiated potential to differentiated, individual, material spirit, from stardust to conscious creators, and from the observed to the observer. Life seeks life to communicate through waves, the language of the universe, in many fields of science including mathematics. Humans, through various manifestations of universal waves — such as music, dancing, singing, talking and playing — communicate, interact and integrate with one another. To better express themselves and advance communication in their spiritual realm of the journey towards, and in, higher-level life consciousness, humans need to continue to develop their language.

    Humans should live their lives knowing that all life on earth and beyond is interconnected and interactive; all actions influence life in some way and become part of the immortal memory of the living universe. Memory, as information, expands life consciousness in all its forms.

    Humans should aspire to lead their lives so that their memories will resonate with their profoundest wisdom and purest faith. Human beings, seeking and connecting to higher-level consciousness, will experience a diminishing fear of the wrath of the old life-force image, while their faith, knowledge, understanding and hope in the new higher-consciousness image of life force will rise and expand in the civilization of life. Life is Life’s Message.

    Life is sacred.

  2. Fusion attracts elements to create and expand life

    Fusion, in all its forms, is the basis of creativity, diversity, connectivity, interdependence, complexity, abundance and the expansion of life. Life develops and expands through freedom. Elements, created in the beginning, come together freely to connect, interact, bond and fuse: hydrogen nuclei to create light, hydrogen and oxygen to create water, egg and sperm to create new life, all the while the elements maintain their individual identities as they connect and fuse. Fusion is a strong force that can start from a simple connection, proceed to bonding, and culminate in synthesis and unity, thereby increasing diversity. Fusion’s other name is “love,” which seeks transparency, truthfulness and trust – all elements that enhance life. Having started from a single source, all life forms in our world and in the universe are interconnected, interwoven and interactive. They invite humans to treat each other and other life forms in a compassionate, nurturing, trusting and delicate manner, even when life consumes life to survive. Life has become possible on earth through fusion creating water, light and reproduction. Spiritual and material development will be wholly expanded and lifted by fusion in all its forms, and by freedom in all its complexity.

    Fusion attracts elements to create and expand life.

  3. Freedom is self-determination and organization within the values of life

    Freedom is an open, self-organizing principle and a force of life and the universe. Freedom is a channel for creativity and an organizer of expanding life. Freedom is a force of evolution that allows for a choice between alternatives created by fusion. Freedom, in organizing life and the universe, creates clusters. Freedom allows for the creation of clusters to organize life and the universe – from the super-large clusters of galaxies to the smallest clusters in the human genome, from clusters of human communities to clusters of creativity and innovation.

    Freedom, in all its complexity, will open the gates to the civilization of life and higher-level life consciousness in humans across all boundaries of race, religion, nationality, tribe and gender. Freedom, including human freedom, bounded by its laws of unfolding life consciousness, has form and purpose, and therefore is neither anarchy nor absolute relativism. Freedom will be perceived as just when humans explore their choices freely and choose between alternatives, all the while understanding and respecting that wise choices are bounded by the enhancement of life and its values and principles.

    Hence, the participation and empowerment of people is paramount in expanding freedom and determining the path to what is just: a dynamic, multidimensional balance achieved by human civilization in order to organize its interconnectedness, so that humans can pursue their aspirations in relative harmony and peace. Humans should be open to exploring life in freedom and learn to choose wisely. In time, all forces and values that degrade the expansion of life consciousness and restrict freedom will perish.

    Freedom is self-determination and organization within the values of life.

  4. Life spirit is imagination and creation

    Imagination is the wellspring of creation and leads to innovations in all realms. Creativity and innovation will swiftly lead to the sustainability and expansion of abundance and wealth in the material and spiritual realms. Human education needs to be based on an environment that stimulates, encourages and facilitates the free development of human imagination, wonderment, curiosity and creativity, and is bounded by life-enhancing values. Imagination, creativity, and the empowerment of humans to realize their vision within the universal laws of life will open and release a vast ocean of potential in human beings – in their quest for abundance – thus opening the gates to the civilization of life and higher-level consciousness.

    Life spirit is imagination and creation.

  5. Life is diversity

    Life is diversity, and in diversity, we are able to connect, cooperate, fuse and create. Humans, living and developing their potential in their own space-time, are connected as part of life. It is this connectedness and the loop it forms that gives meaning and memory to life. Diversity, through fusion, creates choices about how to expand life, bounded by the laws and form of freedom. Connecting to and integrating diversity becomes a source and enabler of great expansion of wealth for humans. A world without diversity would be a still, uniform and lifeless universe.

    Life is diversity.

  6. Life is expanding, interconnected and interactive

    In all creation, including life, swift expansion becomes discontinuous at some points, resulting in wrinkles in its space and time. In the evolution of life, it is this discontinuity, or blink, that connects life to the ocean of potential, thereby opening the door to the transformation of one state of being into another, as part of the universal loop of life. This discontinuity, by connecting to the ocean of potential, opens the gates for life to expand its interconnections and interactivity into a higher state of being.

    Life, in increasing interconnectedness, expands while emitting and absorbing energy and information. All life is open, interconnected, interwoven, interdependent and interactive while developing its own time-space. Humans, as part of life on earth, create diversity. To achieve higher life consciousness, humans need feedback from all life forms on earth. Hence, humans need to be open to giving and receiving, which is the vibrating, pulsating loop of life. Humans seek and need to communicate, to understand each other, life, and its message, and to know that life is interactive. “Treat thy neighbour as thyself” was wisdom 3,000 years ago and it will be wisdom into the future. It is through increasing interconnectedness that complexity arises, opening the gates ever wider for creativity, meaning, and continuing life expansion and transcendence. However, life becomes degraded when the values of life force are misunderstood or ignored, or when the power of life force is abused. This misunderstanding, rejection or abuse decreases connections and diminishes the open, life-enhancing loop of giving and receiving. Life, as part of its expansion, contracts and renews itself in balance. Life, in creation, seeks dynamic equilibrium.

    Once humanity crosses the bridge and passes through the gates of the civilization of life, humans will expand their time and space to a higher level of consciousness.

    Life is expanding, interconnected and interactive.

  7. Life development needs to be sustainable

    The creation of greater spiritual and material wealth to expand human life consciousness needs to be sustainable. Sustainability includes the waves and cycles of expansion and contraction. To sustain expansion and its resulting entropy, contraction – in its many varied forms of active and inactive disconnect – is needed to modify or to consolidate the expansion and reenergize it. These expansion-contractions that may usher in new values, principles, organizations and balances, are part of the pulse of life that result in the waves and cycles of time, ensuring the sustainability of life in the universe. Within the evolving, expanding, universal life, life forms and values that do not survive their contractions will be replaced by life forms and values that are more resonant with the fundamental principles and values of life expansion.

    Sustainability is best achieved in an open and transparent environment. Transparency encourages trust, communication, connectivity and honesty – increasing intimacy and thereby promoting sustainability and equilibrium. In order to achieve and sustain greater spiritual and economic development and wealth, humans should develop their individual potential as a source of imagination and creativity. Furthermore, they need to be self-reliant and responsible beings in order to create their individual space-time, or immortal memory, and realize their dreams, while nurturing and expanding their connections to their family, their close friends, their community, and all life on earth and beyond.

    Life development needs to be sustainable.

  8. Faith is an essential route to life development

    Faith is belief; it is a trust that comes from a sense of knowing within. Faith is in our hearts, the chamber of our inner voice. It is the force of life that carries us along the path to our sanctuary and our aspirations. Faith is the channel and connection between the forces of life. Faith is the electromagnetic wave that is embedded in all and that transforms imagination to realization. Faith, creating trust and confidence, is vital if humans are to cross the bridge to higher spiritual life and material wealth and expansion.

    It is the erosion of faith and the hope it engenders that opens the window to fear and the imprisonment fear creates. In the twentieth century, loss of faith in organized religions and the old life force image was replaced by the ideologies of Communism, Fascism and Nazism, leading to the worst destruction of human life, abetted by the creation of deadly technologies. Faith in life and its values will lift the human spirit to higher life consciousness.

    Faith is an essential route to life development.

  9. In life, spiritual wealth matters more than material wealth

    The flow of humanity’s spiritual world is more interconnected to higher life consciousness than to humanity’s material world and its values. Deep spiritual wisdom can illuminate the way for the development of human material, scientific and technological direction and advancement. In this endeavour, spiritual wealth will provide greater inspiration.

    In life, spiritual wealth matters more than material wealth.

Creating Higher Consciousness

The human vision for creating a higher consciousness of being and of carrying humanity through the gates of the civilization of life in the twenty-first century and beyond is based on an understanding and respect for life as the flowering of universal forces. To survive, and to expand life consciousness and its interconnections, humans need to realign their ways to the newer understanding of life and its principles and values that resulted from the teachings of the older image of life force. These teachings shaped the human path into its current form, with its promise of material abundance and a higher consciousness of life. Knowledge, the fruit of the old image of life force, opened new gates for humanity, which beckoned it to enter a dimension of higher connection to universal life, with its promise of abundance and spiritual fulfilment.

Advances in knowledge of the visible material world and the development of invisible spiritual values are fusing to create a new image for humanity, to ensure its transcendence to higher consciousness and thereby its survival. These advances will usher in a new civilization of life founded on the values and principles of spiritual development, and on seeing life on earth through the lens of life’s perception. What steps can humans take to overcome their greatest vices and achieve higher life consciousness, thereby opening the gates to a civilization of life and greater happiness?

Once humans are cognizant of the vices that have imprisoned them in their culture, what steps can they take to free themselves and begin the journey along the path to greater spiritual development and well-being?

This journey starts with each individual, family, community, nation, institution, multinational company and global organization. It starts with leaders in each community, from the smallest to the largest. It starts with an understanding and respect for life and for oneself as part of a universally connected and sacred life. It starts with the courage to tread the path of freedom that leads to the gates of the civilization of life. It starts with sensitivity and awareness of the vast potential of humanity and life. It starts with having faith and hope in a new image of the higher consciousness of life force. It starts with reprioritizing one’s values so that they reflect life’s values.

The expansion and integration of life’s values and principles into the everyday life of humans has been the aspiration of all of life’s champions and heroes. Contributing to humanity realizing its greater spiritual and material potential within the values and principles of life is a high virtue and a noble endeavour for humans. Humanity will gain by rewriting the history of its development through the lens of life’s values and principles, its leaders and heroes.

Just Communities

All humanity must participate in the expansion of freedom and life consciousness in order to create a civilization of life. As all humans and life are interconnected, interdependent and interactive, conditions must be created and developed for all to freely choose and adopt the values and principles of life, thus contributing to human spiritual development and wealth. One of the most significant goals of humanity has been, and still is, achieving just communities, where justice is applied equally to all. Freedom will be perceived as being just by humans when they are empowered to freely explore and choose between alternatives. It is essential that such choices be bound by principles and values that enhance life. The deep spiritual power of life force, and the values embedded in that power, which will lead to a just and life-enhancing use of power, have been neither generally understood nor adopted by humanity. Humans have mostly concerned themselves with seeking and abusing the energy of power to enforce and expand the will of individuals or groups – to impose their limited understanding of life and its glories on others or, at worst, to objectify and degrade humans out of envy, avarice or blind hatred.

Hence, empowering humans to participate in their own governance is paramount to expanding freedom and determining the path of what is just in human life. The just path is a dynamic, multidimensional balance, in freedom, bounded by its laws and form, achieved by human civilization to create and organize its interconnectedness within the flow of life. Then humans can pursue their life aspirations, fulfilment and happiness in relative peace. The primary laws that humans create to balance and organize their interconnectedness, including the management of their space, time and relationships, between each other and their communities, flow from what is just. These primary human laws, applied equally to all humans, should flow with, and be in congruence with, the spiritual values, principles and guidelines that reinforce, nurture and expand life, freedom, and human spiritual and material development.

Universal laws govern all forces in the universe. These universal laws, which create, expand, organize and nurture universal life, are the basis of values and laws for humanity. Through education and discourse, humanity can create shared universal principles and guidelines for life. These values and principles will become the foundations of humanity’s spiritual and material laws, which will enhance and expand life to a higher-level consciousness, where humanity can imagine and create abundance. A higher consciousness is being developed where all is more transparent and connected in diversity, where fear is diminished, where faith rises in the new image of life force, and spiritual values are in ascendance, guiding the direction and development of science and technology for the benefit and well-being of humanity.

The values of life need to be manifested in humanity’s primary laws, so that just laws can be created and justice implemented, and thus the dynamic balance of human interconnectedness strengthened and lifted to a higher plane of consciousness. To be just is to create and maintain the delicate and dynamic balance of humanity’s interconnectedness, with its various impulses and forces, through the primary laws created and adopted by humans. The sense of what is morally right, or just, has led to relative peace and harmony, and has allowed humanity to advance to where it is today, through the creation of communities and civilizations. Throughout history, some have labelled humanity’s interconnections and interactions as imbalanced and unjust, and this has led to agitation, fragmentation and destruction, which at imperative times have led to human renewal.

The Balance of Life: Its Environment and Health

The earth and the universe are alive. As human knowledge about life has increased, human understanding of life consciousness in all life forms on earth, and about their interconnectedness, interdependence and interactivity, has also expanded, thus illuminating the human path towards a better understanding of life force and its evolving rhythms, waves, cycles and clusters.

Human communities and civilizations have formed in clusters, just as life and material have in the living universe. The clustering of human communities, formed through the forces of attraction and an organizing principle of freedom, has expanded in such a way that the effects of entropy – in all its manifestations, including human-induced waste – have overwhelmed humanity’s ability to overcome the forces of environmental degradation. This is largely because the values and principles of spiritual life have not been integrated into humanity’s everyday life. If they were, it would help humans overcome and prevent the encroachment of environmental degradation and waste.

As the life form with the highest-level consciousness, we humans need to take care of our domain, our environment and other life forms on earth. Our core value must be to sustain and expand the health and dynamic balance of life and life consciousness. People who have a healthy, balanced life and are able to advance on an individual level, benefit all humans and other life forms that share our planet – thereby contributing to the sustenance, balance and the expansion of the health of life on earth, including life in the living, nurturing and fertile oceans and seas. The quality of the air we breathe, of the water we drink and of the water of oceans, seas, lakes and rivers that sustains life on earth, and of the soil that nourishes the seed of our food and our forests, which are part of the web of life and support it, needs to be maintained and improved. This responsibility includes the care and management of trees and plants, the basis of practically all life on earth, which produce the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat, and are like nerves of earth conveying impulses by receiving and emitting. The oceans and forests, combined with the light energy of the sun, have created a regulated, sustainable atmosphere for life on earth. All the causes of environmental damage, caused by the wasteful, inefficient and unsustainable exploitation of resources, usually caused by avarice and a lack of awareness, have led to an increasing imbalance and degradation in the regulatory functions of the oceans and forests. To ameliorate this degradation and imbalance, individuals and human organizations need to be educated in the core values and principles of the spirituality of life.

Since we have already degraded our environment, we need to take curative steps. The cost of the degradation of each community should be borne by its inhabitants. However, the global cost of curing our earth’s environment should be mostly borne by richer nations, because they have contributed most to its ills and because poor nations are not able to do so. Environmental degradation has progressed due to many causes, but at the human level, it has been mostly due to a lack of awareness, to avarice and to poverty. Preventing its further degradation is the responsibility of all individuals.

The shifting of human culture and values away from scarcity and avarice and towards life values and mutually beneficial sharing and abundance, in order to help reduce and eradicate the fear for survival due to extreme poverty and widespread infectious diseases, will, with the aid of the rapid expansion of science and technology, engender a healthier life and more sustainable growth, without environmental degradation.


Taking human health to a higher level is best achieved by creating a new dynamic balance in human life, which lifts humans away from the fear for survival and its associated anxieties – based on the scarcity of food, infectious diseases, and the stresses of imbalanced living – towards the spiritual energies of creativity and nurturing, expanding connectivity, abundance and delicacy.

As all health practitioners know, prevention of illness is better than a cure. Humans should now create a foundation of health care for the prevention of ills, and try to eradicate most common infectious diseases, thus further reducing the fear for survival. This foundation should be based on exercises that stretch and strengthen the body and expand the mind and spirit, and on eating nutritional, life-enhancing food. Humanity should aim to diminish its vices more vigorously, in particular its objectification of humans and its over-reliance on material solutions. Healing in life is not restricted to its material aspects. The aware mind and memory, or the spirit of our material body and its constituent parts, need to be addressed and nurtured in all healing efforts. Humans need to integrate the guidelines and principles of life in such a way that their daily lives reflect and transmit these values and principles. The realignment of the balance created by the new emergent image of life force and the life-enhancing values of the old image of life force, will result in a fusion of life-enhancing values that will lift and sustain human health and longevity, aided by newly learned and rapidly expanding knowledge and technologies derived from the unleashing of human creativity.

The security of all individuals, which will enable each to seek her or his life’s aspirations and pursue happiness in greater harmony, is best achieved in freedom, bounded by its laws that protect humans from outside harm, thus allowing the full development of each individual’s potential. In a world that is interconnected at so many points and dimensions, and is continuously expanding the interconnections and loops, the fate of one human is not disconnected from the rest. The new image of life force, with its values of freedom and fusion, when embraced by all humanity in a civilization of life, will create abundance and will ameliorate the major sources of conflict in humanity and its need for weapons that can annihilate it.

However, old images never forfeit their space without a struggle, and until the old image of life force is not used divisively, major conflicts will persist. Major conflicts have mostly arisen from the culture of scarcity, when one community or civilization, believing in the superiority of its culture or other attributes over others, has imposed its will and non-life-enhancing values on another. This imposition is usually enforced by the fear for survival and through its concomitant vices, such as the objectification of humans, avarice and envy.

The fears and vices pursued by humans in the culture of scarcity, which highlights the minutest physical or religious-spiritual differences between human beings and assigns some higher value and superiority, has created the greatest suffering for humans and life on earth. The greatest conflict of today is the conflict among the children of the old image of life force about the path towards the future. The emergent image of life force, borne from the illumination of the old image of life force, will establish shared values and common primary laws among all humans and lead them to a higher consciousness and abundance in a civilization of life. As foretold in religious and mythological allegories, the withering away of the old image of life force, as it is enfolded and absorbed by the new emergent image of life force, will be accompanied by anger and violence.

Energy, Water and Food

Along with material development, humanity seeks to develop its spiritual aspirations. Freedom is the best channel through which to organize the development of the well-being of the individual and humanity in the material and spiritual realms. Today, freedom, where it is more prevalent, has created much wealth and prosperity. However, freedom operating in an environment of scarcity, with freedom’s development model of democracy and free enterprise, has brought great prosperity to a minority. Considering the advances in science and technology, much more needs to be done to lift a larger part of humanity out of abject poverty – people who are locked into the fear for survival due to a lack of freedom, to diseases and to the culture of scarcity. The greatest neglected potential wealth of humanity is not its material resources but the majority of itself. These humans, living in such poverty, are the neglected potential wealth. To develop humanity’s potential wealth further, the basic needs and aspirations of humans living in poverty need to be addressed, so they can contribute to their own development and thus to that of humanity. In order to alleviate and prevent such poverty in the future, humans, in their material-economic development efforts, need to focus their creative energy, will and action on creating a state of useful abundance in three fundamental areas: energy, fresh and drinkable water, and food.

Abundance is created in many different ways – not only by increasing supply, but also by the more efficient use and distribution of existing supplies. Both approaches are necessary.

In creating abundance, energy is the most important area. Widely available, clean and abundant energy could revolutionize human existence. With low-cost, clean, abundant energy, water from the oceans and seas can be desalinated for drinking and irrigation for all. Clean water can be produced in abundance and cheaply, as most of the earth is covered with water from the living oceans and seas, where earth life sprang from and which has been the major source of life expansion and sustenance. If humans had low-cost, abundant, clean, fresh water, distributed and used efficiently, and if the ecologically sustainable use of soil were practised, the problems of cultivating food would be drastically reduced. Then, if all who sought it could have access to food-producing resources, food could be produced in great abundance, thereby helping to reduce the fear for survival for a large segment of humanity. In this context, the agricultural policies of a number of economically wealthy nations are not helpful to the vast majority of their own people or to the poorest of the poor in the world, continuing to keep them locked in their poverty.

Humans need to put the creation of abundant, clean and low-cost energy at the top of their agenda. They need to mobilize their science and technology to find ways of creating and producing abundant energy – including alternative, renewable forms – and more efficient ways of utilizing and distributing existing energy resources. One promising technology is fusion, which utilizes the same principle that the sun uses to produce its energy. Its source, hydrogen, is abundantly available in our water. Fusion energy, and other hydrogen-based energy, need not displace oil as a source of income for oil producers, as there are tens of thousands of different uses for oil in the petrochemical and other fields, which will provide a much higher added value for the producers, creating material wealth beyond their dreams. Besides, not using fossil oil as a source of energy for transportation is much better for the environment.

Human science and technology, propelled forward by the dawn of knowledge-based societies, is already moving in the direction of abundance, for example, by creating much more powerful computer chips at a drastically reduced price for most technological hardware. The global imbalances created through scarcity have been, and still are, evident, most notably in the creation and establishment of freedom, knowledge, information and education. The skewed distribution and use of knowledge and education is a major reason for lack of freedom and the imbalance in material wealth. The solution for humanity is to adopt the universal values and principles of life and create material abundance, particularly with respect to the basic needs of humanity: energy, water and food.

There need not be any arbitrary limit on the accumulation of material wealth, as humans create it. Each individual will determine his or her own limit. However, the accumulation of wealth through corruption, which is one of the greatest vices of humanity today, contributes to the poverty of others and thereby harms them and the society in which they live. The corrosive force of corruption can be so deep, and can create so many imbalances, that it can destroy societies from within or make them fall prey to outsiders, creating further harm.

The Role of Education

In order to contribute to creating a healthier balance between material and spiritual wealth, all individuals and economic entities, whether in the private or public sector, need to understand and integrate the values and principles of higher life consciousness in their practices, leading them to further transparency, consistency and compassion towards one another and life. This, in turn, will better allow humans to decide how much material accumulation they want. It will also guide the just and life-enhancing use of power and good governance – transparency, responsibility and the rule of law – in political, economic, scientific, religious and other types of institutions.

It starts today!

The journey towards a healthier balance between material and spiritual wealth starts with each individual and institution conducting business, from the largest to the smallest. However, the largest, richest enterprises and nations bear greatest responsibility for the leadership of humanity. The new vision and life-force image will expand more swiftly and be more effective and resonant in humanity if the leaders of the wealthiest corporations, foundations, economic institutions, international organizations, alliances of life’s values and nations exercise greater moral courage, nurturing and leadership, and adopt the spiritual life values and principles to create greater wealth for humanity. This will lessen the damage of the objectification of humans and life, and of the avarice, corruption and envy which have so much degraded life on earth.

Integrating the guidelines and principles of life, including fusion and freedom, and the accumulated knowledge of humanity, into human life through education will facilitate and enhance the development of human imagination and creativity. Education is a life-long process and one of the gateways through which humanity can enter the civilization of life and seek higher-level consciousness and abundance. Imagination, creativity and the empowerment of humans for the materialization of their vision, within universal and primary human laws, will allow humans to tap into the vast ocean of their potential, creating their individual space-time and its immortal memory, in their quest for greater happiness and the expansion of wealth.

Human education needs to be based on an environment that stimulates, encourages and facilitates the free development of human imagination, creativity and innovation, and is bounded by life-enhancing values. Humanity needs to be continuously educated in two aspects of life, starting from the very youngest age and continuing throughout life.

First, humanity should understand and integrate values and principles that enhance life and promote positive, constructive and responsible interpersonal connections and loops, which will further harmonize humanity with the flow of life. The flow of life is through waves, the universal language of the living universe. By integrating the principles of life, humanity will learn to flow and lift with the waves of life to higher-level consciousness, the creation of abundance and happiness.

Second, humanity needs to understand the vices that are hindering and degrading humanity’s development in all aspects of its life, and try to minimize and ameliorate those destructive flows of energy which will send humans to a lower level of consciousness and imprison them in the abode of fear, greed and envy. Humans will better absorb education and information if it is taught through the lens of life. Understanding how all fields of education are connected to life on earth and its place in the cosmos will better encourage and educate all humans to contribute to and become part of creating the civilization of life. This integrative education includes learning about the origin of the cosmos and life, and about the human environment, law, security, health, and material and spiritual development and enhancement.

Seeing the dynamics of the organization of the interconnectedness of humanity – and its connectedness to life surrounding humanity, with all its agitation, anger and discord – through the lens of life and freedom will lessen conflict and enhance human development. Thus, it is imperative to educate all humanity about the values and principles (freedom, fusion, diversity and interconnectedness) that enhance the sacredness of life and further promote higher interpersonal connectedness, nurturing and empathy. In addition, humans need to be educated about how to overcome values and characteristics that degrade humans and life on earth (the objectification of humans and life in its many varied forms, avarice and envy), which engender agitation, conflicts, wars and destruction between people and their civilizations.

Material Development and Free Enterprise

In the civilization of life, free enterprise, in all its varied forms, will lead efforts to create material wealth and useful abundance, to overcome fear for survival, and will contribute to the unleashing of human creativity and innovation. In expanding material wealth, while supported by accumulated capital, free enterprise will be bounded by laws and regulations based on the values, guidelines and principles of life.

The free enterprise approach to material development – in pursuing freedom of thought, operating within laws and regulations, and creating the opportunity for many individuals to educate themselves and pursue material prosperity – has led to a tremendous expansion of progress in innovation, productivity, increased connectivity through trade, transportation and communications, and in the creation of material wealth. It has also expanded freedom, by opening the gates of freethinking for its participants.

The time has come when the spirit of free enterprise should further integrate the guidelines, values and principles of life, in order to rise to higher consciousness of life, of which it is an integral part. Hence, free enterprise will utilize its strongest trait of expanding freedom and material wealth, along with spiritual life values that will help in nurturing creativity and innovation, and thus further the creation of material abundance.

Higher consciousness will enable the spirit of free enterprise to overcome its glaring weaknesses: its tendency to objectify humans and use life as a commodity. This creates great and unsustainable material imbalance between people, exacerbating envy and avarice and leading to global corruption and environmental degradation. Due to the focus of free enterprise on expanding material wealth for its stakeholders, people who lead and practise free enterprise are more vulnerable to the follies of avarice and its attendant ills. Hence, free enterprise should be more strongly focused on integrating the guidelines, values and principles of life, so that it may materially and spiritually benefit from the greater opportunities of creativity, innovation, interconnectedness, sharing and trust offered by a higher-level consciousness of life.

Towards Higher-Level Consciousness

The principal values and characteristics that humans – and especially leaders – need to act upon in order to diminish their vices and enhance the development of humanity are:

The fundamental attitudes and actions that impair life and create dysfunctions in the human quest for higher life consciousness, and need to be avoided, include:

  1. objectifying life
  2. degrading and/or constricting life development
  3. limiting and or distorting freedom
  4. stunting and/or suffocating imagination and creation
  5. sameness and isolation
  6. constricting the flow of life and communication between life
  7. avarice and envy
  8. loss of belief and faith
  9. imbalance of spiritual and material life.

The path of transformation to higher-level human life consciousness is strewn with great agitation, with the expansion of freedom and fusion, with violence, fear and entropy, and with faith, hope and despair. The followers of, and true believers in, the old image of a higher consciousness of life will resist it, along with all who are beneficiaries of its current imbalances. Their greatest weapon against the emergence and advancement of a new higher life consciousness will be fear and envy, in their many varied forms, used subtly and brutally.

The old image of life force, as envisioned by the great messengers of life, which has illuminated humanity’s path for a few millennia, has advanced humanity to the bridge leading to the gates of the civilization of life. In order to cross the bridge, humans need to understand and integrate the values of a new higher-consciousness life with faith in the new image of life force. The old image of life force has led humans to a higher-level understanding of the material universe and a newer understanding of the invisible spiritual realm. Its promise of a greater spiritual tomorrow and abundance is within humanity’s reach today.

The journey to higher-level consciousness of life has already begun. The visionaries, messengers, practitioners and believers in all fields of life, from ordinary people, scientists and philosophers to practitioners in the fields of law, health, education, technology, free enterprise, political governance and many others, have seen the new spiritual light and have begun their journey on the new path, in its many diverse forms. It is the beginning! The momentum of adjustment and transformation will greatly depend on the free will of humanity and its leaders. As the various imbalances in human development and its consequences become more apparent, humanity’s choice will also becoming increasingly clear:

Life is Life’s Message!

A new vision is emerging that will create an image of transcendence to a higher consciousness of life for humanity – a new balance between the invisible, spiritual, and the visible, material life. A new balance is emerging that lifts humans away from the fear for survival, from scarcity and from envy towards others, to an image that invites humans to seek a higher-level consciousness of life through the values of fusion and freedom.

A new image of life force is emerging which will enhance the human energies of creativity, nurturing and empathy, expanding connectivity, meaning, abundance and delicacy while integrating courage, forthrightness, swiftness and the exploration of knowledge that flower into rational inquiry, science and technology. A vision of a new relationship between the maleness and femaleness of humanity, which were estranged by the pursuit of knowledge and fall from the mythical Garden of Eden, is developing. The new relationship will balance, integrate and fuse the best life-enhancing characteristics of maleness and femaleness in humans, thus lifting humanity to the higher life consciousness, state of abundance and spiritual fulfilment promised by the old image of life force. A new vision, once understood, embraced and integrated, will take humanity through the gates of the civilization of life.

The new vision of life and its values are spiralling and fusing to create the beginning of a higher life consciousness for humanity in the living universe. As humanity’s interconnectedness expands and is nurtured to create greater sustainability, its understanding of life through its spiritual self will further open the gates to a higher-level consciousness of life and the emergent spiritual light. Humans are a part of the unfolding consciousness of the universe, carrying the essence of the seed of time into the future, when the seeker will become the observer. The new vision will illuminate humanity’s path for over half a millennium, until a more profound understanding of life force in the living universe emerges to illuminate humanity’s ascendance to a still higher level of consciousness of life – an understanding of the breadth and diversity of creation, delicate in its touch, swift in its unfolding, and with the abundance of all – imaginable for all. Life that is fusing, free, interconnected and expanding into Being.

But here, sources of life force, dancing with the rhythm of time, are fusing together into an ever more expanding and free god.

October 2005 – July 2006

Life Force

From the darkness of entropy and agitation emerges the spiritual light of organizational life force, aiming for fusion by leaps and bounds. Creation, a birth, releases the life force which seeks the expansion of its life force. This is the history of our spiritual universe. Creation, a spark, releases the forces leading to entropy. This is the history of the disintegrating universe. Life force, in all its forms, travels through the arrow of time connected to each and all of its parts. And we are a part of our life force. Life organized itself into an ever more complex and expanding force in the universe. On earth, the process has proceeded to humans. Humans have been trying to shape an image of their life force so that they can strive to achieve stronger unity and connectedness with their image of higher level consciousness. Different cultures and geographies have created many frames and images for the path of unity and connectedness with life force. All messengers and visionaries have confirmed life force and its sanctity. All have confirmed faith as an essential route to it. However, the forces of entropy have been the source of much agitation for humans. We are now approaching a point in the arrow of time when humans should strive towards a higher stage of connectedness to life force. The time is approaching for humans to create an image of themselves that will take them further along the expansion of life force to the human spirit god. Our energies are willed towards life force expansion. All humans should participate. We humans are connected as part of life force and it is this connectedness which gives meaning to life and life force. We must pursue values that reinforce life force: fusion, in all its forms; freedom, for all its complexity, are the essence of values to be pursued. Degradation of life force in all its ways must be avoided. Let delicacy and swiftness flourish. Cast aside fear and envy. The universe is evolving towards entropy and life force. Darkness and lightness. Life force is expanding being here but not there. There from which our universe springs uniform darkness has prevailed. But here, sources of life force, dancing with the rhythm of time, are fusing together into an ever more expanding and free god.

June 9, 1989


Chaos to order From potential, a wellspring for transformation, to creation Humanity’s paradigm transcends from survival to creation The genesis of a paradigm, embedded in the seed of its space time, and moving with the arrow of its space time, leads to its expansion until its space time consciousness needs to transcend to a higher level consciousness to survive The paradigm shift of humanity, space time beings, will transform humanity’s civilization to want and create a civilization benefiting life on earth with humanity as its visionary guardian Creation through life potential is interactive Potential creation interacting A connection of all possible From potential, seen as the unknown chaos, to life memory From fusing to creating and expanding life consciousness in space time Emerges the genesis and expansion of humanity’s sacred life paradigm Pursue and transcend to higher life consciousness with and through life values on earth

July 20, 2008